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Cotswolds | Day 2 | Europe Holiday

“What is it about the English countryside?
Why is the beauty so much more than visual?
Why does it touch one so?”
— Dodie Smith

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Our Month Itinerary

We took a bus from London to the Cotswolds (Chippenham, specifically… and from there a quick taxi into the town of Castle Combe). Highlights of the day were:

  • Rue wishing aloud as we rode into the peaceful country scene: “I hope there are apple trees!” Then, a few hours later, as we explored the back gardens of an old hotel, we found a small apple and pear orchard. “I knew my wish would come true!”

  • Caleb’s “undone in awe” expression and noises. “Maaaan. Can you believe this? Isn’t this magical? Maaan!”

  • The aged English cheddar cheese on the baked potatoes, the warm bowls of soup

  • The sound of complete silence

  • Having the town all to ourselves!

  • The rush of rest and happiness descending on you. “Having good, and knowing it.”