About Us



We're The Family Morris: Caleb, Kristen, Rowdy and Summer Jo Lee!  

  • 2010: We met Halloween weekend! (Read our story, Oh My My My, here!)
  • 2011: We began dating Easter weekend!
  • 2012: We married in August, which happens to be both of our birthday month! We also had a beautiful Oklahoma reception in October (the month we met!)
  • 2013: Our first baby, Rowdy Neil (meaning: "Full of Life, Champion"), was born.  
  • 2014: My mom died of breast cancerI miscarried a baby (Ryan Day: meaning "Child of The King of Daylight") due on my parent's anniversary and we moved into the house Caleb built in Oklahoma from Maryland.
  • 2015: Caleb decided to switch careers (from construction to music), and the next day we found out we were pregnant!
  • 2016: Our second baby, Summer Jo Lee, was born. We spent the year traveling and I wrote a book about my mom!
  • 2017: We moved to Florida!

    He was raised in the Oklahoma countryside, with animals, machines and lots of red dirt. I was born right outside of Washington DC, and was raised on the coasts - either the busyness of Montgomery County East Coast, or the breezy life of San Diego. Right now we live in Florida, Caleb is a musician, I am a photographer/musicians-admin, and we are the happy parents to two awesome kids. We love Disney (yes, we're "those people," and I could explain it if you want to know!), traveling, eating, "debating'/hashing/discussing, making things, and staying up late!
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