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Post 58 | Small Things

"Wherever you go, say,
'This little cause is not as strong as I should like it to be, but,
by the Grace of God, I will make it more influential.
At any rate, I will throw in my weight to strengthen the weak things of Zion
and certainly I will not despise the day of small things” 
C.H. Spurgeon

"There are some who despise 'the day of small things' in this way—they pass by the small things. If you have any spiritual feeling at all, do not despise it, but go to God with it and pray that the work which seems to be begun in you may be carried on until it is complete.

When you feel, sometimes, in the assemblies of God’s House, a softening influence stealing over your spirit, or when possibly, in the middle of your work—you do not know why—you suddenly feel very tender in heart—or, perhaps, walking down into the City early in the morning, before many people are astir, you feel a solemnity quite unusual to you—do not despise it! These little things may lead on to a blessed work." C.H. Spurgeon

Maybe it's standard New Year's wist, or the familiar feeling of approaching "two paths diverging in a wood" (or in our case, like, five paths) and I'm sorry I cannot travel all of them, or part of standard growing-older as an adult, or something else I'm not aware of... but I seem hyper aware right now. Some of that is good (every little thing just feels so special for some reason), and some is bad (how do you get your brain to turn off it's montage of everything you suck at or totally messed up on... in your whole life??), and all of it is needed, I presume, to keep growing in Him.

Just wanted to take some pictures of my dewdrops, my simple and sweet and tiring and quiet and oh-so-noisy-sometimes days... my small things. Tunnels made from mini cereal boxes and how my heart turned into a space heater when I saw it. Getting unpacked and organized in yet another new home (my favorite ever, I think). Bath time, meal time, getting dressed time.

"May you take care of these dewdrops of Grace. It there are but a few tiny drops and if they are but cared for and valued, the Lord will yet send you a copious shower of blessing. Do not despise anything that looks like Grace in your heart." C.H. Spurgeon

(Entire Sermon on Zechariah 4:10)