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Post 54 | Snowstorm 2016

“Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight,
At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more,
When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death,
And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.”
CS Lewis

We had a cozy time during the 2016 East Coast Blizzard this year. Our house was FULL (I think more than 20 people the whole time), and sometimes the "cabin fever" got to certain ones, and there was a plumbing issue that caused all the water to be shut off but our streets weren't plowed so we all hiked down the road to helpful friends who met us in warm cars at the first clear area. And Caleb and I both were sick most of the time. A few threw-up. It was a memory. It was... cozy. ;) But it was also a very very fun first snow. It was magical to be snuggled up by a window and watch the snow fall for hours. It was fun to watch Netflix, and listen to music, and eat up that pantry, and make cookies, and watch the kids play in the snow, and know that the area was doing the same things.

I like for there to be a "reason." I like to reason, but I also like reasons. For those who naturally love coldness and winter, they might have to look harder for "reasons" summer is nice. And I get to spend a lot of winter finding goodness in what would "naturally" be a very harsh, dead, painful, cold time for me. One of the reasons I think winter is so hard on earth is because I think it will be such fun to experience the contrast in heaven. Not "summer vs winter." But Earth Winter vs. Heaven Winter. Winter without bad memories, winter without hurting, winter without anything dead, winter without being cold physically or emotionally, winter without, well, the hard parts of winter. I imagine somehow it will be chilly, but not anything that makes us uncomfortable or is prickly-bite-y to our heaven bodies. I imagine we'll still get to experience that great sensation of being "nestled in" and coming into a crackling fire room. The feeling of being thawed. The feeling of bunkered and tucked away. The feeling of riding a sled, but no bits of ice sneaking into the wrist gap between your gloves and jacket. The winter sunsets. My mom thought that in heaven snow would be all different colors. Like, wouldn't it be neat to see a world covered in gold snow? Or to watch people snowboard down enormous orange and red mountains?

One thing I do like about Earth Winter is how *bright* it is the day after the first snow. When the sun comes out, and the sky is clear, and everything is a shade of blue or grey. It's very enchanting. Winter takes endurance, but, especially when you have little children around, it takes just a bit of pixie dust.