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Post 47 | Their Relationship

"Dad was happiest in a crowd, especially a crowd of kids. He had a way with children and knew how to keep them on their toes.  He had a respect for them, too, and didn't mind showing it. He believed that most adults stopped thinking the day they left school-and some even before that. 'A child, on the other hand, stays impressionable and eager to learn. Catch one young enough,' Dad insisted, 'and there's no limit to what you can teach.' Really, it was love of children more than anything else that made him want a pack of his own. Even with a dozen, he wasn’t fully satisfied. Sometimes he'd look us over and say to Mother: 'Never you mind, Lillie. You did the best you could.'" Cheaper By The Dozen 

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"My relationship with you is more important than anything I've got to say to you.” 
randy alcorn