"called to build the kingdom first through the romance and adventure of our home..."


Rowdy + One Month of Life With Him // Post 31

"a whole new world,
a dazzling place i never knew"

We ushered July 14, one month after June 14, in with stuffy noses and head colds.  The household is passing it around, and it 'finally' caught little Rowdy.  And here is motherhood: sitting on the floor of a steamy, greenhouse, hot-water-running-out-of-the-shower bathroom, looking through instagram and clipping your toenails, while your face melts off and hair frizzes, so that your kid can sleep comfortably upright in his swing (which is crammed with you in the bathroom) and hopefully get his nose drained and unplugged... and not wanting to be anywhere else in the entire world.  Being genuinely as happy as you've ever been.  Not to mention when he wakes up and looks around and freaks out a little, until he hears you say "You're alright buddy, I'm right here. Sssshh." and feels you pat his belly causing him to relax and peacefully fall back asleep. "Shining, shimmering, spleeen-did."
Favorite Nicknames
99 (since he is 99th percentile for height)
RowdyRays (or RowdyRaze? Or RowdyRaise? Or RowdyReyes?)
Rascally Rabbit

Favorite Memories 
// The way he rubs his fist back and forth near my collar bone while he's eating

// He'd had an abnormally rough night when we took him to Charlottesville with GrandmaBear + Aunt Bear to pick up Aunt Shannon from soccer camp.  He finally fell asleep for good but we had to wake him up to check-out of the hotel and carry on with our trip.  Usually he grunts and fidgets when he wakes up (and, oh, I love those grunts and fidgets) but that morning he just looked right at me and smiled.  A sweet, rested, genuinely happy smile.  I got chills looking at his beautiful grinning face.

// Daddy wrote Rowdy a "Triumphal Entry" song that he would play "for him" while I was pregnant.  Now Rowdy will sit on dad's lap and watch his hands and fingers move back and forth and listen to the music.  I love when I don't know that's what they're doing together, but then all of a sudden hear the faint sound of piano coming from the basement.

// I adore when he farts in bed.  My little oven heart heats up when I hear my smooth breathing, rosy-cheeked, clean, wrapped, pajama-ed son "toot. toot. pfffft. toottoottoot" in his sleep.

// In his room, over his changing table, are 20 empty frames hung in a grid.  Daddy did his part and immaculately hung them.  Mama needs to do her part and fill the frames with Rowdy's grandfathers and uncles.  Nonetheless, Rowdy thinks the frames are the best.  He coos more for the frames than he does me.  And his legs kick and kick and kick and KICK, like an eager puppy wagging his tail.  It's so cute to watch him get all riled up with excitement!

// He loves warm baths and sca-reams when the water is too cold ;)  Apparently that is VERY offensive.   He'd sit in the bath all day if I let him.

// Rowdy is really strong.  He's been holding his head up since hours after his birth.  And he can hold his back up and "stand" on his legs, if we provide him the balance.  It makes me so proud!

// Flexibility was always an important part of our family's 'structure' and Caleb and I wanted Rowdy to share that trait as well.  In his first month of life he's been to two weddings, Harper's Ferry, Gettysburg, Charlottesville, 4th of July fireworks, a Nat's game, the Hagerstown Outlets, Costco, Target, Trader Joe's and a variety of restaurants (Chipotle, Longhorn, Bizou, Redwood, Beans in the Belfry).  He's a grand little traveler so far!

// Taking daddy's place in bed when he leaves for work.  I go to sleep at night looking forward to morning so Rowdy can snuggle in with me :)

// His ear fur.  It's darling and elfish and weird and my favorite.

// The smacking sounds when he sucks his fingers

// The way Rowdy "looks at" the pictures while we read.  Oof it is dear.

// The way he throws his arms over his head "tooooucccchhhdooowwwwn!" style when he's waking up from a deep sleep.  Which is often.  He's an incredible sleeper.  At least this month he is!  Keep it up, 99.

// Watching Caleb play and talk in his "baby voice" to and pace in circles with and enjoy our son.

Favorite Pictures That Didn't Make Social Media
One day we're just a guy sleeping with a baby blanket (so it will smell like us) and a bulbous'n'waddly girl...

... the next? We're a family of three.

Best morning of my life.

Going home outfit!  Huge deal!  Thanks Aunt Lylalalee-ya Jane!
The Welcoming Committee... and they have changed more diapers than I have!  They're very loving aunts.
We came home from the hospital on Father's Day and we had a delicious meal made by Grandma Bear and Aunt Katie.
First night in our house! (Thanks Ica + sister for hooking us up with the great bassinet! And thank you, Jess, for the best blankets ever!)

Aaaaand first morning in our house! (Love you, Chef Husband Man.  So much.  All the time.)

First doctor's appointment... at the same pediatrician office that I went to as a baby.  Nothing has changed.  Those exact stickers on the door have been there for 20-something years.
First bath!  The beginning of a wonderful discovery... baths put Rowdy in glory.

They sleep so much those first few days... it's like meeting a new person when they start to be awake more often.  I love staring into those rich blues.
First family-outing-date-night!
First family walk in the neighborhood!
I shot two weddings in the first 15 days of Rowdy's life... and Caleb + Dan played at one of them!  Love working with him :)
Chipotle choices and Trader Joe's choices: important first life lessons. 
The Oklahoma Crew came to play!  We loved having them and Rowdy thrived being passed around between so many doting aunts and uncles.  I can't wait for him to get to know each and every one of them!  And Grama and Grandpa Morris made me tear up by the way they loved on our son.  I wish we all lived closer to each other!
(I love this picture from Gettysburg becaaause I have no idea who the guy in the brown shirt is. hahaha.)
First blow-out...! 
And loooots of bed time.  It's so hard to leave our nest.
GrandmaBear has a special way with Rowdy.  I love watching them together.
It's been a month full of love, love, love.  Happy One Month, Snuggler! We adore you!