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Rustic Recession Tacos | Post 28

{Rustic Recession Tacos}
Last night we were planning on bbq'ing so hamburger meat had been out thawing all day.  But come afternoon there were one too many bronchitis-cases and the weather was awfully dreary and rainy.  Nothing about it screamed "let's go outside and cooook!"  
Other than some buns and potatoes for a salad, we didn't have much else around.  I opened the fridge and their was english muffins, corn tortillas, four open jellies, and lots of tupperware with leftovers, about 12 salad dressings and chicken broth.  I opened the freezer and there was turkey sausage, frozen strawberries, pie crust, and two bags of peas.
Dad suggested making a meatloaf.  But for some reason I wasn't "in the mood."  After a quick google search I came across this recipe for what to do with hamburger meat and peas.  I modified it a bit, added a taco shell and wa-la!  Dad and all the adult and teenage boys who were over loved it.  Caleb, my meat-and-potatoes trash compactor had nine "tacos."
Everyone was trying to figure out what it was.  "It's like light Shepherds Pie?" "Or, like, British Tacos?" "It's a kind of 1930's 'depression dish.'  At least that's what it said online."  Whatever it was, everyone was a big fan and it took a total of 20 minutes to whip together.  We'll absolutely be making it again.
It's probably very customizable, but I have to admit that the simple, basic ingredients and no-fuss seasoning somehow worked really well together.  I wouldn't do too much to change it! 
pc: spinach tiger
  • One large white onion diced
  • Two large potatoes, boiled and chopped
  • One pound ground beef (seasoned with salt + pepper)
  • 1  bag of frozen peas
  • olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • red chile flakes
  • freshly grated parmesan (optional - and I used Fontina because we didn't have fresh parm)
  • fresh herbs (parsley, basil, oregano, thyme…they all work! and I didn't use any because we don't have any, but I bet it'd be great.)
  • Corn tortillas
  1. Heat olive oil and butter in dutch oven or deep frying pan (perfect use for my trusty red Lodge). Add onions, saute until soft.
  2. Add ground beef that has already been flavored with salt and pepper. Cook until medium rare.
  3. In separate pan (we use an electric griddle) heat vegetable oil and fry corn tortillas.
  4. Add in frozen peas, right at end and allow them to defrost and heat up, while the meat is on its way to medium-well done. Add potatoes. Toss in fresh herbs and red chile flakes. Season with salt + pepper to taste.  
  5. Serve meat mix in tortilla shells and top with cheese.
(This is an EASY recipe. You may be tempted to keep adding other ingredients, but the simplicity is what gives this dish it’s proper structure and flavor.  More is not always more

You could also easily skip the tortillas and put the meat in a bowl and serve with crusty bread.  My fam was all about the taco-not-taco thing, but it'd be great on it's own!)